Brand Identity Systems are apart of our learned visual and cognitive langauge. Below are a few that I have designed & collaborated on.

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The development of logomarks & logotypes place emphasis on the identity of a product, organization, or idea. It is relentless and apart of a subliminal system that is designed to reinforce the public's cognitive and emotional associations of value.


The logotypes and logomarks that I design generally go through various phases of iterative development. Devlopment begins as research and concept sketches & then transpires to the computer. An area of research that I have been exploring lately focuses on the development of artificially generated logomarks. Another is subliminal visual aestheticism.


The logomarks that I have designed vary in distribution. Some, like NASA CPP and the Liquid Rocket Lab, are distributed both nation and university wide; some might just have visited the stratosphere...

Other logomarks are representative of startup projects, client projects, and personal projects of pure stylistic exploration.


I design logomarks with software that works in tandem with each other. There is never one solution. Although, rasterization is not something that you ideally want for a final product.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Updated: January 2019